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There is a hidden (experimental or debugging) function in the map editor, which allows you to record all inputs (mouse, keyboard, pad) during building. After that, the recorded events can be replayed and the map is automatically recreated. At the same time, this process is recorded to a video clip.


  1. Enter a title (base or custom) of your choice, select EDITORS and then NEW MAP.
  2. Hold the CTRL key while you select the SIMPLE or ADVANCED editor.
  3. Hold the CTRL key while you select the time of day.
  4. Choose RECORD to create an editor inputs replay.
  5. Build your map (start with a small one).
  6. Exit the editor without validating the map. You don't need to save the map.

An Editor.InputsReplay.Gbx file with all recorded input events was saved in the user data folder.


  1. Select NEW MAP again.
  2. Hold the CTRL key while choosing the same editor type as before (Simple/Advanced).
  3. Now click on PLAYBACK.
  4. Select a video codec in the popup window (start with uncompressed full frames).
  5. Click on the ManiaPlanet icon to restore its window (if it was previously in full-screen).
  6. The map will automatically be rebuilt. In the background a video clip is recorded.

Now you can save the map if not already done during recording step 6. If something goes wrong, hit ESC to leave the playback mode. You can find the AVI video clip in the folder Documents\ManiaPlanet\ScreenShots\.