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Full name Gbx File Dumper
Author Electron
Supported Virtual Skipper, TrackMania, TrackMania 2, ShootMania
Status available
Version 1.52
Techno C/C++
Languages English, German
ManiaLink GbxDump
Links Website - Download - Forum


This Microsoft Windows application indicate the contents of the file header of GameBox "Map", "Challenge", "Replay", "Pack", "ObjectInfo" and "Item" files.

After installation the context menu of GameBox (Gbx) files has an additional entry "GbxDump". Using this command you can view into this Gbx file. You can also run the tool from the start menu and open any Gbx file within the program (Start » Programs » Gbx File Dumper). Nevertheless, the easiest way is to use drag-and-drop from Microsoft Windows Explorer. Then several files can immediately be analyzed at once.


  • Displays general track properties
  • Displays external dependencies
  • Displays the author comment
  • Shows and exported the thumbnail
  • Online interface to the TMX and MX trackbase
  • Online interface to the Dedimania records database