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Welcome to Mania Tech Wiki

This wiki aims to document technical aspects of, and technology in, the games in the Mania series by Nadeo.

On-topic is technical information about e.g.:

  • the GameBox engine and Gbx file format
  • the internals of the TrackMania, ManiaPlanet (TrackMania², ShootMania) and Virtual Skipper games
  • the APIs, interfaces and protocols used in Nadeo games

Off-topic is:

  • general information and tutorials already covered on other wikis and sites
  • information about server controllers and similar user-created software that is better covered on their pertaining sites
  • text in other languages than English

The Mania Tech Wiki project was initiated by Xymph (Frans P. de Vries) and is managed at for convenience, even though it is not related to the XASECO[2] server controllers. Xymph can be reached via email at: <>

The Mania Tech Wiki logo was created by Electron.