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Text formatting and colour codes in TrackMania and ManiaPlanet can be used for players' nicknames, track names and comments, music file comments, server names and comments, and in-game online chats.

Nicknames are limited to 20 characters in TM Original, Sunrise and Nations. Since United, this limitation doesn't exist anymore.

You can also add special Unicode (UTF-8) characters to a name (see TM forum topic).

Colour codes

To add a colour to a name simply input a $ followed by three hexadecimal digits from 0 to f (0123456789abcdef), which represent red, green and blue values ($RGB)

A small selection can be seen below:

$FFF $CCC $999 $666 $333 $000 $FC0 $F90 $F60 $F30
$9C0 $C90 $FC3 $FC6 $F96 $F63 $C30 $C03
$CF0 $CF3 $330 $660 $990 $CC0 $FF0 $CC0 $C63 $300 $600 $900 $C00 $F00 $F36 $F03
$9F0 $CF6 $9C3 $663 $993 $CC3 $FF3 $960 $930 $633 $933 $C33 $F33 $C36 $F69 $F06
$6F0 $9F6 $6C3 $690 $996 $CC6 $FF6 $963 $630 $966 $C66 $F66 $903 $C39 $F6C $F09
$3F0 $6F3 $390 $6C0 $9F3 $CC9 $FF9 $C96 $C60 $C99 $F99 $F39 $C06 $906 $F3C $F0C
$0C0 $3C0 $360 $693 $9C6 $CF9 $FFC $FC9 $F93 $FCC $F9C $C69 $936 $603 $C09 $303
$3C3 $6C6 $0F0 $3F3 $6F6 $9F9 $CFC $C9C $969 $939 $909 $636 $606
$060 $363 $090 $393 $696 $9C9 $FCF $F9F $F6F $F3F $F0F $C6C $C3C
$030 $0C3 $063 $396 $6C9 $9FC $CFF $39F $9CF $CCF $C9F $96C $639 $306 $90C $C0C
$0F3 $3F6 $093 $0C6 $3F9 $9FF $9CC $06C $69C $99F $99C $93F $60C $609 $C3F $C0F
$0F6 $6F9 $3C6 $096 $6FF $6CC $699 $036 $369 $66F $66C $669 $309 $93C $C6F $90F
$0F9 $6FC $3C9 $3FF $3CC $399 $366 $069 $039 $33F $33C $339 $336 $63C $96F $60F
$0F0 $3FC $0FF $0CC $099 $066 $033 $39C $36C $00F $00C $009 $006 $003 $63F $30F
$0C9 $09C $3CF $6CF $69F $36F $03C $36C
$0CF $09F $06F $03F

Other text formatting

These codes are available in all TrackMania games:

$t Capitals
$i Italic
$s Shadowed
$w Wide spacing
$n Narrow spacing
$m Normal setting
$g Default color
$z Reset all
$$ Write a "$"

In TrackMania United, several new codes have been added:

$o Bold with semi-wide spacing
$h Internal link to a ManiaLink
$l External link to a website

The syntax of the links is the same as in ManiaLinks.

To link internally to another ManiaLink page, use $h. This will open the page in-game.

$h[maniaplanet://#menutitle=@TMStadium@nadeo]Trackmania² Stadium$h

To link externally, use $l. This will open the page in your standard web browser.

$l[https://wiki.xaseco.org/wiki/Main_Page]Mania Tech Wiki: Main Page$l

In TrackMania Forever, another new code has been added:

$p Link with player parameters to a script that should return a ManiaLink

The parameters are: ?playerlogin=<login>&lang=<language>&nickname=<nickname>&path=<location> (see TM forum topic for more info).