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This page is to keep trace of what has already been documented. The table below lists all known remote calls.

Name Description Documented Parameters understood Response understood
CheckLogin Used to check if login is already used for account creation. Yes Yes Yes
Connect Used to login. No No No
Disconnect Used to disconnect (Duh). Yes Yes Yes
GetBuddies Used to get friends list. No No No
GetConnectionAndGameParams Used to get a lot of information. Partially Yes No
GetLeagues Used to get regions list. Yes Yes Yes
GeneralCaps Used to send information about hardware to the server. No No No
GetLadderScores  ? No No No
GetOnlineProfile  ? No No No
GetRankingsNew  ? No No No
GfxPerf Used to send performance information to the server. No No No
LiveUpdate Used to tell the server we're playing online. No No No
MailAccount Used to make the server send a password recovery email. Yes Yes Yes
OpenSession Used to get a session id. Partially Yes Partially
ReceiveMessages Used to get new messages. No No No
SearchNew Used to search for servers (All/Recommended/Favorites). No No No
Subscribe Used to register a new account. Goes over HTTPS (sometimes). Partially Partially Yes