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Screenshot of Openplanet

Full name Openplanet
Author(s) Miss
Supports Maniaplanet 4
Trackmania Turbo
Status Available
Version 1.12
Source C/C++
Language(s) English
Link(s) Website
Getting started
Forum(s) MP forum topic


Openplanet is a scripting platform developed by Melissa Geels as an alternative to ManiaScript.

While ManiaScript uses its own encapsulated class library, Openplanet provides direct access to large parts of the game engine framework. Openplanet hooks itself into the Maniaplanet 4 (or Trackmania Turbo) process for this purpose. In this way, an overlay menu is also provided to access all Openplanet functions and the scripts.

The scripting language used is the C++ oriented AngelScript.

Openplanet provides its own API for accessing the game framework. In this way, the overlay GUI (Dear ImGui) used by Openplanet can also be referenced in own scripts.


With the built-in functions, the included plugins and scripts, the tool offers the following functions out of the box:

  • Unlocking environment mixing on Trackmania² Stadium
  • Full Maniaplanet and Trackmania Turbo integration with Discord's Rich Presence
  • Increasing map size to 64 x 64
  • Extracting files from .Pack.Gbx and .pak files
  • Unlocking the unrestricted editor in Trackmania Turbo
  • Unlocking Cam1/Cam2/Cam3 in Trackmania Turbo

More scripts from users can be found on the Openplanet website.