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''Note'': the lookback string state is reset after each header chunk. The string list is cleared completely, and the next lookback string will again trigger the version number. If index represents a number (bits 30 and 31 not set), it describes the position inside a ''global'' string table. In most cases it concerns the [[Collection ID|ID of a collection]].
''Note'': VirtualSkipper Virtual Skipper 2 uses version 2 of the lookback strings. In this version, the string is always stored, the index always contains the position within the global name table, and the field with the version is also always present.
* '''fileref''': path to an external file, e.g. a skin.
5: (old)Rounds, 6: InProgress, 7: Campaign, 8: Multi, 9: Solo, 10: Site, 11: SoloNadeo, 12: MultiNadeo)
if version >= 1:
bool locked (used by VirtualSkipper Virtual Skipper to lock the map parameter)
string password (weak xor encryption, no longer used in newer track files; see 03043029)
if version >= 2:

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