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** request:
*** name: Name of the requested function.
*** paramsparam: Parameters for the call. The server responds with XML, which has obfurscated names: <pre><?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><r> <r> <n>[...]</n> <c> [...] </c> </r> <e>execution time : 0.0010 s</e></r></pre> Here is a description of the return: * r** r*** n: The name of the called function*** c: The return data** e: A string giving the execution time. == Functions calls == === GetConnectionAndGameParams === ==== Parameters ====*;dedicated: Set to 0 with TMF. Purpose is unknown. Maybe for servers.*;download: Max P2P download speed, as set in game config, in B/s*;upload: Max P?2P upload speed, same as download. ==== Response ====

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